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SPLA Day 2022: A Reflection on the Plight of our Soldiers

Many of our heroes languish in the grips of post-traumatic stress disorder. Others live in abject poverty. While others live in cognitive dissonance, unable to reconcile their current realities with their former glories. Many have suffered unimaginable humiliation. At times I wonder if ever they regret a single day, a limb, or a pint of blood they have given for this country. A part of me says they would consider the mere thought of regret the highest form of treachery and betrayal to their fallen comrades and fellow countrymen and women. They would consider regretting a betrayal to every inch of the precious homeland and every grain of the soil made up of our ancestral remains. So we, the living, must dare not regret!

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Women Tribe

The violence meted on the bodies and psyches of the girl child and the woman in South Sudan requires nothing short of revolutionary defiance and devising. As women, we can no longer silently lament the loss of one of us in the name of culture. We can no longer aid nor facilitate criminal behaviors against…

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Remembering Abyei (Part 1)

Abyei has been prominent on my mind since last Friday. On Saturday, I started to write this article. Little did I know that it would be prophetic. Sunday 16 May 2021 was another ominous day for Abyei. Messiriya assailants massacred twelve innocent Ngok Dinka civilians and injured others in Dunguop village, northeast of Abyei town.…

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Happy SPLA Day 2021!

It is May 16, again. We remember May 16, 1983, the beginning of Sudan’s Peoples Liberation Army’s (SPLA) struggle for the freedom and dignity of our people, a struggle that culminated in an independent South Sudan. Though our struggle didn’t begin there, we also mark the day of the Torit Mutiny, August 18, 1955. Our…

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