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No More Betrayals




“This book (No More Betrayals) is an exploration of, and a soulful reflection on, the complexity of South Sudan… It is a protest of sorts, a tribute, a caution, a plea to humanity to be more human than the record has shown so far. It is about death, renewal, and continuity through a variety of ways.”

Dr. Jok Madut Jok
An excerpt from the Introduction to No More Betrayals)

“In Kindred, you are faced with a wise orator, ready to give her soul for the prosperity of others, professing and inciting great ideas. Some of Apuk’s poems reflect the hidden universality of spacelessness and timelessness. She is everywhere, like an ascensionist angel, invisible, mobile and roaming with the wind. In these poems, Apuk lives in a harmonized yet conflicted mind, which is loving again hurting, and armed with a seductive voice.”

Dr. John Yoh
An excerpt from the Introduction to Kindred