The Misaligned

She met the divine last night. As a matter of fact, she meets the divine every day. Last night was special, though. You see, a child of Abuk moved her and had her eating sorghum from his hands. He had her watching the daily growth of a Cuei Tree and dreaming of passing every living season under its cool shade, sipping on tea, and having cyclical conversations weaved with joy, laughter, understanding, co-scheming, protestations, and invocations of the divine. They would reincarnate their ancestors and watch them climb the Cuei, fall, and ascend again.

Beautiful blue- blackbirds forever finding nourishment and shelter in their evergreen garden. Butterflies would jump out of their stomachs and feed on the nectar of wildflowers. They would sit contemplating the divine in-between silences and in the sincerity of gazes. This woman professed love to this child of Abuk, a thousand times, in those silences. He heard her loud and clear but steered clear. Could it be that he is unsure of her loyalty? Could it be that he has no faith in love? Could it be that it is so soon? Could it be that…? She wondered and wandered in mind.

Everything about him, his touch, his energy, his laughter, the way he called her name, was so sincere. But wait! What is that in between his gazes? What is that look when she is not looking? What is that he is contemplating? Why does he choke a word that has surfaced?

And then, one day, she started feeling a gap growing. Call it a woman’s sixth sense, divine unveiling, or energy synched getting out of alignment. She could always sense the exact instance that another’s attention shifts. His attention shifted a little, and then more and more every day. His touch began to be colder. He was shielding himself from delving, self-preserving, self-proclaiming. His silences grew and deepened. And she, feeling every new low, fidgeted, questioned, and offered help, as he lied, shifting her attention from the crux of the matter.

You know this ends as abruptly as the misaligned, divinely interrupted by the unveiling of a hidden truth.

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