The Misaligned

She met the divine last night. As a matter of fact, she meets the divine every day. Last night was special, though. You see, a child of Abuk moved her and had her eating sorghum from his hands. He had her watching the daily growth of a Cuei Tree and dreaming of passing every living [...]

A Riotous Bosom

One smoldering afternoon in Juba found me completely uninspired. I needed two things: a refreshing drink and some excitement. Well, the first is a no brainer, Logali House’s kerkede[1]mixed with tonic water. It always satiates that desire. As for the latter, it is nothing a bar could offer. So, I turned to my ever-intriguing companion [...]

The Stranger

It is strange! A stranger’s eyes are piercing right through her, as if she is hollow, a woman with no flesh or bones. He looks at her startlingly as if she is a hologram of someone very familiar, perhaps a lost lover. Even stranger is her impulse to reciprocate the stranger’s timid scrutiny of her [...]