Remembering Our Martyrs

I re-member...I re-member...I re-member Battalion 104,Volcano Battalion and Katiba Banat. I re-member the New Kush Division,The Cadres in Bilfam,The contributions of Musa Kuwa Idriss, andThe Red Army.And I charge you brothers and sisters to re-member... Re-Member the difficult days of the struggle.Re-Member to feed the children and widows of our martyrs. Re-Member the slogans of [...]

The Big Tree

“Be kind to all, at all times,” an adage my father says whenever he advises me on what brings blessings to one’s life. He also says that, regardless of how poor he may be, and what little possessions he boasts of, what is priceless, is his good name. “They can call me anything, but they [...]