Remembering Our Martyrs

I re-member... I re-member... I re-member Battalion 104, Volcano Battalion and Katiba Banat. I re-member the New Kush Division, The Cadres in Bilfam, The contributions of Musa Kuwa Idriss, and The Red Army. And I charge you brothers and sisters to re-member...

There is No Time Like the Present

Being an avid procrastinator who hides within the convenient cloak of perfectionism is a double fault.  One can always figure out a reason for a necessary action to wait, for another time, or until the conditions to attain perfectionism is met.  To think of it, this springs from a deep-seated fear of inadequacy. To be placed on the scale and be found wanting is a usually immobilizing thought.  One would instead fade in the background and be inconsequential than to risk success where there is even a faint possibility of failure.