The Beacon of Peace and The Sacred Grove

Duk Padiet – The Beacon of Peace

We arrive at​ Duk Padiet in the morning, after a short flight from Juba. It is the rainy season, and to the pilot’s delight, the dirt landing strip is dry and clear of cattle, although we land right by the market’s cattle byre. I notice as immediately as we dislodge the plane that Duk Padiet has black soil mixed with sand. So when it rains, the sand rises to the surface, preventing muddiness. Duk Padiet is part of the former Duk County of Jonglei State, but since 2016 it became a county, along with Duk Payuel and Panyang. Duk Padiet is breathtakingly beautiful; its population is noticeably young and industrious.

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Juba’s Landmarks: A Villager’s Perspective

Juba is expanding exponentially.  As I regard the city as the plane takes off and prepares to land on my frequent flights, I am always surprised by new developments.  A new five-story building that seems a sudden apparition here, a new informal settlement sprouting there, and a new hotel, bar, and restaurant everywhere.  Juba is growing, and its echoes are deepening.  In the most part, the latest developments don’t interfere with my sense of navigation or direction as I go about the city.  Except for once.

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