Remembering Our Martyrs

I re-member...I re-member...I re-member Battalion 104,Volcano Battalion and Katiba Banat. I re-member the New Kush Division,The Cadres in Bilfam,The contributions of Musa Kuwa Idriss, andThe Red Army.And I charge you brothers and sisters to re-member... Re-Member the difficult days of the struggle.Re-Member to feed the children and widows of our martyrs. Re-Member the slogans of [...]

Dark Matter

I met this sun, light years away from its beginning,A ball of self-consuming flameIn a perpetual manifestation of brilliance. Awestruck, can’t begin to describeMy state of being. And then, Yo,It tried to lick me with its fiery tongue! But little did it know thatI am a phantom of its future obsession, encoded in Its perpetual [...]

Happy 9th Independence Day, South Sudan!

Happy 9th Independence Day, South Sudan! As we celebrate, let us reflect and resolve to do better. As we celebrate, let us honor our sacrifice-laden past, and seize our opportunity-filled present to secure our prosperity-promised future. This young boy pictured celebrating our first independence day is now nearly a man. 9 years later, are his [...]


With gratitude, I embrace the fullness of this moment of solitude. I drink deeply from the spring of solace, Grasping the pure joy of forsaking all attachment. Happiness dwells within me. What an amazing revelation! As the pendulum of circumstance swings, I rise higher and behold everything in peace.   © Apuk Ayuel Mayen 2017. [...]