Remembering Our Martyrs

I re-member…
I re-member…
I re-member Battalion 104,
Volcano Battalion and Katiba Banat.

I re-member the New Kush Division,
The Cadres in Bilfam,
The contributions of Musa Kuwa Idriss, and
The Red Army.
And I charge you brothers and sisters to re-member…

Re-Member the difficult days of the struggle.
Re-Member to feed the children and widows of our martyrs.
Re-Member the slogans of the revolution.
Re-Member, our promise to the people.
Re-Member our commitment to the vision.
Re-Member our duty and loyalty to the cause.

Re-membrance is an action, and
Not a thought.
That which was dismembered
Is now re-membered.
That which was disintegrated
Is now re-integrated,
Re-vived, re-claimed, and re-lived.
Re-Member through works, not words.

Embrace this passion.
Embrace this duty, and
Become the embodiment
Of our people’s Struggle.
The echo of their cry for justice and peace.

Be-Come, I… Be-Come, I…
I am John Garang.
I am Joseph Oduho.
I am Kerbino Kuanyin.
I am Yousif Kuwa.
I am William Deng Nhial.
I am Ali Abdellatif.
I am Abdelfadil Almaz.
I am William Nyuon Bany.
I am Arok Thon Arok.
I am Ngacigak Ngaculuk.
I am John Kulang.
I am Martin Manyiel Ayuel.
I am Francis Ngor.
I am Dauod Boulad.
I am Ali BGuatala.
I am Emilio Tafeng.
I am Ager Gum.
I am Thon Ayii.
I am Father Seterno Ohure.
I am Gelario Modi.
I am Emmanuel Abur.
I am Aquilla Manyuon.
I am Anyar Apiu.
I am Akuot Atem.
I am Gai Tut.
I am the countless martyrs and
Innocent casualties of the struggle.


The above is an excerpt from a poem titled “Re-member” from No More Betrayals.